Technology Expansion


My client, a London-based transport company was looking to move away from its paper-based ticketing to electronic ones contained on a smartcard. However, more than half of its retail network of 4,000 shops didn’t have the technology to sell the product. Of the outlets that were able to sell it, the technology they were provided with was large and cumbersome, and costly to maintain. I needed to replace the existing technology with a new device that was smaller and less expensive to maintain and move the outlets that didn’t have the technology on to the same device.


I carried out the following steps:

  • Determined a project scope, plan and budget
  • Put the supplier in contact with a company that helped resource the software delivery phase and negotiated additional support to speed up delivery
  • Restructured my project delivery team to ensure it represented the skills and departments needed, for example, removing design representatives and replacing them with marketing and testing personnel
  • Developed the test strategy and oversaw the development of the test plan to ensure lessons learnt from pilots were used to make the project a success
  • Rolled out the new electronic point of sale terminal across the 4,000 shops
  • Tracked the supplier’s progress and visited shop owners who had taken delivery of the new equipment to get their views and fed that information back to the supplier
  • Co-ordinated the whole project, managing delivery of marketing, and internal communications and training

As a result, I reduced the project cost by £500,000 and the delivery time frame by six months. The client’s revenue also increased with a big uptake in customers buying the new product.

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