Project Management Consulting


If full-time access to our services doesn’t work for you, we can provide support for you, as and when you need it, helping you and your pocket.

With this most flexible solution, you manage the work yourself, but tap into our wealth of knowledge and experience when required. You only pay only for the time you need us, whether that’s the occasional day, half-day or hour.

Our clients who engage us to provide this consultancy-based services, use us in two main service areas:

Change Management – Managing change programmes critical to your business can be complicated, especially those involving new technology, systems, external service providers and/or lots of people.

Project and Programme managers focus on implementing the technology, and forget about managing the changes associated with people. Not by us however. We have the experience to advise you on what you need to do to take your stakeholders with you.

Project Management – If you want to manage your own projects, we can supply the occasional advice you need to guide you on your delivery path. Our project manager experts are qualified in modern methodologies such as PRINCE2, MSP and Agile/Scrum. We manage process, technology, system, organisation, culture and service provider improvements quickly and cost-effectively.

Quality Assurance & Health checks – Do you need a qualified second opinion on a struggling project? Perhaps it would benefit from a health check?

Assurance management makes sure everything is fit for purpose and staying on target to achieve desired outcomes. Quality management is focused on doing the right things properly.

Without either of these, your projects are more likely to fail. Quality and Assurance require assessors that are independent of the programme and line management.

Our project management experts are qualified in quality and assurance methods and bring experience of assessing, advising and assuring delivery of capability projects and change programmes for a range of client types.