GDPR & Data Protection

Meeting your GDPR needs

The biggest change to Data Protection laws has been the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), enshrined into UK legislation as the Data Protection Act 2018. Since then, other countries such as Canada, South Africa, Russia, Dubai and Brazil have implemented their own Data Protection laws.

Breaching GDPR can result in penalties from the Information Commissioner’s Office (the enforcement body for Data Protection in the UK). This link to the ICO shows prosecutions they’ve carried out for offences such as not responding to Subject Access Requests and sending Personal Data to their home address.

The duty is on you to reduce the risk of breaching GDPR. We can help you with that.

Take advantage of our services, such as:

GDPR Auditing – we study your business in depth; talking to key people and detailing your processes for processing and storing personal data. We produce a detailed report on how your business stands against the requirements of GDPR. All issues come with recommendations , showing you the key areas needing attention and a project plan, for you to follow showing the timescales, resources and the dependencies between each task, making sure you know what to do

Delivering GDPR improvements – If you wish, you can take our Audit report, recommendations and GDPR improvement plan and manage the delivery yourself. However, if you want we can manage the work for you, we can deliver work for you such as the Data Protection Impact Assessments processes, Data Protection Policies or Subject Access Request processes. We drive the plan and deliver the work.

Ad-hoc consulting – For companies that don’t want to outsource their Data Protection work, or just need occasional support. Perhaps you just need an existing policy reviewed or a privacy policy written? A solution like this is just what you need.

By recognising the need for pro-active Data Protection, you have already made the most important step towards protecting your data, your reputation and your business.

Wherever you stand on GDPR, we can assist you.