Bespoke cyber security, data protection AND IT PROJECT needs

How we can help you

Data Protection

We know that there are complex and strict laws about protecting Personal Data, with harsh penalties for those that fail to comply. We use our extensive experience of legislation to advise clients where their weak spots are, offering advice and solutions that are pragmatic.

IT Project Management

We work with our clients to clarify their goals and then plan the best way to achieve them. We build their requirements, develop the plan, manage the tasks and deliver the solution because we know the business benefits of good quality IT.

why choose us?

We understand the common pitfalls in IT and Data Protection, with your specific needs to ensure we deliver the right solution for you.

We have over 25 years of experience of project delivery, with extensive experience of managing third parties with delivery values from thousands to millions of pounds.

Our team have supported clients to comply with Data Protection legislation, ensuring you’re up to date with the latest changes in the law e.g. the Data Protection Act and the GDPR. Our advice on compliance is practical and bespoke, identifying key risks.